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Q. What’s a Calcutta? A. The Most Exciting Event of the Melbourne Cup!

The Calcutta is part raffle, part auction, and a thrilling way to have fun on Cup Day!

What is a Calcutta and how does it work?

Before Monday 6th November:

Imagine owning a horse that's about to run the big race. The Valentine Bowling Club Calcutta gives you the chance to "own"  a horse - and share in any of its winnings!

Each horse is awarded as a prize in a raffle. The Calcutta raffle is held on the Monday evening, just before the Melbourne Cup Carnival on Tuesday 7th November 2017.

Raffle tickets are pre-sold  in the weeks leading up to the draw. You do not have to attend the Calcutta to be a temporary owner, just purchase your tickets and leave them at the bar.

Calcutta tickets can be purchased at the bar prior to the event.

On the night of the draw (6/11/2017) from 5pm:

This is when it gets really exciting!

All the horses are drawn and temporarily become the property of the winner.

Then, one at a time, All horses go up for auction. The temporary owner will get half of what is bid for the horse, the remainder going into a prize pool (which also includes the money from the calcutta tickets sold).

If you drew a horse in the raffle and it was auctioned for $100, you receive $50 as temporary owner. You could then bid for your own horse and only pay half the price!

The prize pool grows as the horses are auctioned off. After the last horse is auctioned, the prize pool is worked out, with a certain percentage for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last.

The Race the Stops the Nation:

This is the most thrilling part!

If your horse wins, you collect! The amount will vary depending on how much was pledged at the auction, but the prize can grow to be a significant amount of money!

Buy your tickets today and try your luck! See bar staff to purchase.

Notes from Our 2017 AGM!

Valentine Bowling Club's Annual General Meeting.

How does time fly?! It's already that time of year again, and what a successful meeting it was! 

The Club's AGM was held on August 26th 2017, and was well attended, with 71 members present to participate.

Club President Ted Elks says he was delighted with event:

"It never ceases to amaze me the support that we get for such events so thank you to those who attended."

The meeting covered a wide range of topics, including the outstanding financial results for both Jessie's on the Water and the bar - well done!

The all-important minutes and reports are being drafted. Check back soon for a downloadable copy.

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