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February 2018

Since our last report we have had two outings, December & January.

December is generally very quiet as many members are away. January had a much larger participation as most members were back from Christmas holidays. This outing was held 12,13 & 14 January. We had 14 members weigh-in on the Sunday and over 20 members attend our BBQ. Although the wind blew constantly it was a very successful fishing weekend with all members who weighed in catching plenty of fish. David Birt was off chasing his favourite fish, Mulloway, in Newcastle Harbour and, while he didn’t catch many, he was rewarded with the largest one caught so far this fishing year at 11.35kg or a bit over 24lbs in the old scale. His brother, Paul, decided to also fish Newcastle Harbour. He caught  some quality bream with a few that will make the Top 5 for the year to date. Mark and Luke Bradley tried to fish offshore but the conditions were less than favourable and they ended up fishing the lake. Mark caught a few flathead. Sub-Junior, Luke ,was again rewarded with a good mixed bag and will certainly take some beating in his division come the end of the fishing year. Darren Riles also decided to fish offshore and while he battled to get fish as well as battled the conditions, he did weigh in a Mack Tuna and Bonito. Not too many of these fish  generally get caught so they are great point earners. Matt and Mitch Birt fished Swansea Channel for Whiting. Competition is always strong between these brothers and on this outing it was Mitch who came away with the honours. They both caught the largest competition whiting for the year at .610gms. Unfortunately for Matt it was Mitch who boated the first one, so on this occasion, Mitch got the winner. Len Lavers also fished for Whiting in Swansea Channel and, while he caught plenty in quick time, they were just under Mitch & Matt Birt’s size. Allan Wood and Nathan Birt also fished Swansea Channel and it was the same story for them. Plenty of Bream & Whiting but just under Mitch & Matt Birt’s. Alex Menil tried his luck at surface poppers and managed to get a few Whiting and Bream as well. Neil  & Carmel Cooley decided to get up early on Saturday morning and fish freshwater at Lake St Clair. The fish were biting their heads off and it was all they could do to keep up especially given the hurricane like wind blowing. Plenty of Bass on lures trolling and Yellowbelly and Silver Perch on baits.  Carmel says she really loves fishing the freshwater and is currently leading the Ladies division and giving the men a run for their money.

Winners for the weekend were:

1st Neil Cooley

2nd David Birt

3rd Paul Birt

Sub-Junior Luke Bradley

We are always looking for new members and any interested people can contact either Darren Riles ph 0439241061, Neil Cooley ph 0421168349 or David Birt ph 0427228438 if they need information on how to sign up and go about participating.

To see what’s happening in the Club and what catches members are getting you can go to:

December 2017

November is the month the Fishing Club holds it’s premier annual weekend outing to Glenbawn Dam near Scone.

29 members made the trip, camping from Friday 10/11 and concluding at 12:00pm Sunday 12/11.

The fishing was great, arguably the best since the Fishing Club has been going there and that is over 20 years. Everybody caught quality fish and plenty of them. Not sure if this has been achieved before but we had three generations of the one family come for the weekend. John Neaves, his son Steve and three of John’s grandsons. This all points to a healthy fishing club for the next generation coming through. When combined with great food, ample refreshments and fabulous weather, a fantastic time was had by all.

Winners for the weekend were:

Largest Bass Alex Menil

Largest Yellowbelly Mark Bradley

Largest Silver Perch Neil Cooley

Largest Catfish Mick Mawson

Mystery Bass length Fletcher Torrance

Sub-Junior Ted Mawson

Junior Indiana Hardwick

Overall Winner David Birt

The Fishing Club always holds a 2nd outing in the month of November as this caters for those members who still want to be able to weigh in for the month but can’t get to Glenbawn Dam. This 2nd outing was held on 24, 25 & 26 November. We had 13 members weigh-in and approximately 20 members attend the Sunday BBQ. Neil Wilson and son Ryan hit their favourite bream spot in the lake again and were rewarded with a great catch. One bream Neil caught was just over 1.1kg and although only early in the 2017-2018 competition, will take some beating for the biggest Bream for the year. Ryan was not outdone by his dad and weighed in some quality bream as well. Alex Menil tried his luck on the beach and caught a heap of dart as well as some whiting. Steve Neaves used his extensive knowledge of the lake and fished his many marks for a mixed bag that included snapper, squid & tailor. Neil and Carmel Cooley decided to have a day out to fish the freshwater at Lake St Clair near Singleton. As luck would have it they had their best Yellowbelly session ever,  catching 31 Yellowbelly between them in under 2 hours. Dave Birt, after catching some Jewfish in Newcastle Harbour on Friday morning decided to try for them again. Unfortunately the Jew had just shut down and he never turned a reel. Mitch & Matt Birt fishing their favourite offshore spot for a mixed bag including a great table fish being a Bar Cod. Danny Ratcliffe and his grandson Jayden fished the southern end of the lake and caught some squid. Mick Mawson and his boys, Zac & Ted fished the sandflats and while they did catch some whiting Mick said it was pretty hard fishing.

Winners for the weekend were:

1st Neil Wilson

2nd Alex Menil

3rd Steve Neaves

Sub-Jnr Ryan Wilson

We are always looking for new members and any interested people can contact either Darren Riles ph 0439241061, Neil Cooley ph 0421168349 or David Birt ph 0427228438 if they need information on how to sign up and go about participating.

To see what’s happening in the Club and what catches members are getting you can go to:

November 2017

October and November are traditionally our busiest months for the Fishing Club. October being the month for our Annual Presentation as well as our AGM, and November our premier weekend outing to Glenbawn Dam. Between these events we still manage to squeeze in an October fishing outing as well. 20+ members attended our October outing BBQ weigh-in with the winners for the weekend being 1st Neil Wilson, 2nd Neil Cooley & 3rd Mark Bradley

Our annual Presentation Day was held on Sunday 22 October and saw 60 adults and 8 juniors attend. Once again a great afternoon was had by all in the VBC Function Room with plenty of food, refreshments, giveaways  and live music to top the afternoon off. The total prizes on offer were 28. This was spread between 19 different prizewinners. This year saw a much greater participation from the ladies and juniors/Sub-Juniors which augurs well for the club.

The winners of the different sections were:

Largest Species Winners:

Bream      Neil Wilson

Flathead  David Birt

Whiting  Neil Cooley

Tailor    Paul Subat

Mulloway  David Birt

Luderick  Dave McMorrow

Snapper  David Birt

Leatherjacket  Matt Birt

Bass    Mark Bradley

Yellowbelly  David Birt

Silver Perch  Darren Riles

Catfish    Jason Wood

Sectional Winners:

Freshwater    Neil Cooley & David Birt Runner-up

Lake & Estuary  David Birt & Runner-up Neil Wilson

Beach & Rock    Dave McMorrow & Runner-up Alex Menil

Offshore  Mark Bradley & Runner-up Steve Neaves

Ladies      Champion Emma Wallace & joint Runners-up Nicole Birt & Britani Willis

Junior      Champion Indianna Hardwick & Runner-up Kyle Bradley

Sub-Junior    Champion Luke Bradley & Runner-up Ryan Wilson

Club Champion  Neil Cooley & Runner-up David Birt

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

All positions were open for nomination. The office bearers for 2017-2018 are:

President            Darren Riles

Secretary            Neil Cooley

Treasurer              David Birt

Weighmaster          Steve Neaves

Asst Weighmaster    Mark Bradley

Ist Aider          Mark Bradley

Our Glenbawn Dam Outing.

The outing will be held on 10,11 & 12 November. At this stage we have 28 names down to attend. All are looking forward to another successful weekend and there will be plenty to go into our November report.

Our fishing year runs from 1/10 to 30/9 with memberships now due. We are always chasing new members and any interested people can contact either Darren Riles ph 0439241061, Neil Cooley ph 0421168349 or David Birt ph 0427228438 if they need information on how to sign up and go about participating.

The Fishing Club also has a closed facebook page. To see what’s happening in the Club and what catches members are getting you can go to:


October 2017

Fishing Club Annual Presentation Day Details!












September 2017
August 2017

August 2017

July’s outing was held on the weekend of 14th, 15th & 16th July. It commenced on Friday with strong winds and, when combined with the already cool temperature, was not very comfortable at all for fishing. Luckily as the weekend progressed the weather just got better and better and by Saturday afternoon it was absolutely perfect. Suffice to say that there were plenty of members who participated albeit if only to take advantage of the great weather.

Mark and Luke Bradley and Rod Hardwick decided to fish offshore taking the opportunity to travel to Broughton Island and camp for a couple of days. They were rewarded with a great mixed bag comprising of Teraglin, snapper, bonito, flathead, trevally and an amberjack. Young Luke out-fished his dad again and is becoming quite the accomplished fisherman catching six different species of fish. In the next couple of years, as Luke moves into the senior ranks, he will have some of the senior members looking over their shoulders. Rod Hardwick caught eight different species including some quality teraglin. Dave McMorrow was another who ventured offshore from Newcastle. He caught plenty of snapper to 1.7 kg, bream, tarwhine and flathead with a couple of parrot fish thrown in for good measure. They started fishing before dawn and Dave reckons that it was midday before he could feel his hands. Dave Kemp fished the lake and as usual was the quiet achiever. He caught a great bag of tailor and flathead topped off with a Mulloway of 4.250 kg. Neil Cooley persevered in Friday’s gale to get  a bag of Whiting with his biggest going nearly .5 kg. He reckons there are plenty of winter whiting about and you just need to be patient. Neil and David Birt decided to fish the lake on Saturday. At first trying for some Salmon for no result, then flicking lures for flathead. They ended up with 12 fish with one of David’s flathead going 79 cms and 3+ kgs. The largest was too good to be caught once and was promptly released to fight another day. Alex Menil fished his favoured beach and rock section and caught some line burning salmon again.  Neil Wilson and son Ryan had a late morning start in the lake on Saturday and fished into the early night. Ryan showed his dad how it was done and was chuffed to catch his first snapper on a soft plastic. They ended up with a mixed bag including a good sized 60 cm + flathead landed by Neil.  Our newest member Mark Neuman fished the lake and caught some flathead and tailor.

But far and away the fisherman of the weekend was Steve Neaves with his partner in crime Glen Candy. They decided to have a “sleepover” on his boat in the lake and, given the temperature in the middle of July, in addition to catching a swag of fish, both needed to be awarded a medal. Steve landed a heap of squid, slept through the catching of a Mulloway on his line by Glen, some snapper, crabs, bream & leatherjackets.

With the weather being perfect on Sunday it saw our weigh-in BBQ well attended with some 20+ members there. In all 18 different fish species were weighed in. The most ever. Winners for the weekend were 1st Steve Neaves 2nd Rod Hardwick & 3rd Dave McMorrow. Luke Bradley took out the Sub-Juniors for the weekend.

Our next outing will be held on 11th, 12th & 13th August. There are just two dedicated weekend outings to go before the competition finishes on 30th September, 2017.

New members are most welcome and can contact either Darren Riles ph 0439241061, Neil Cooley ph 0421168349 or David Birt ph. 0427228438 if they need information on how to sign up and go about participating.

Neil Cooley


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VBC Snooker Club News

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February 2018

The Snooker Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 11th February, 2018 at 11.00 a.m.  It will be followed by a BBQ lunch.  Anyone wishing to attend, please let any of the committee know as we will need numbers for catering.  Hope to see many people there as we will be holding nominations for Officers and committee members, as well as discussing future competitions and social events.  Membership fees can be paid on the day which is still only $10.00 per person.

Just a reminder that the Snooker Club holds its raffles on Wednesday nights which is drawn promptly at 7.00 p.m. following the Members Badge draw.

Helen Hickey


December 2017

The presentation for the 2017 Snooker Competition will be held this Sunday, 10th December, 2017 at our Christmas Function.  The Men’s Singles winner was Darren Jones and the Doubles competition was won by John Kalverla and Dave Miller – congratulations to you all.

The Snooker Club holds its raffles on Wednesday nights, and up until Christmas we will have two ham prizes as well as our usual 12 meat prizes.  We will not be holding our raffle on Wednesday the 13th December, as the Bowling Club will be holding their Ham Raffle on that evening.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our President to wish all the members of the Snooker Club and their families, a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Helen Hickey


November 2017

The 2017 Doubles Snooker Competition was won by John Kalverla and Dave Miller – congratulations to you both, well done.  The final of the Mens Singles competition is being played on Wednesday 8th November, 2017 between Darren Jones and Barry Parton – good luck guys.  We will now hold the presentation to the winners at our Christmas function, which is to be held on Sunday 10th December, 2017 at 12.00 noon.

A reminder to everyone that the Snooker Club holds its raffles on Wednesday nights, we have 12 meat prizes and the Members Badge draw is done immediately after our raffle is completed.

Helen Hickey


October 2017
September 2017

September 2017

We wish to advise those players in the competition who still have to play their games, that we want to have all games completed by the end of September, 2017.  We plan on having the Finals and the Presentation on Saturday 7th October, 2017.  Details of time etc regarding the finals and presentation will be emailed to members at a later date, a notice will also be placed on the noticeboard.

Our raffles on Wednesday night have been doing a lot better in the last couple of weeks due to the nicer weather we have been having.  Hopefully the cold winter nights will soon be a thing of the past and that more people will start coming back.

Helen Hickey, Secretary

August 2017

August 2017

The Christmas in July function was a fantastic day and a great time had by all.  The food was lovely and the music and dancing was a lot of fun. Special thanks to our music men – Greg (Meggsie) and Gary who were great and played just about non-stop all afternoon.  We would also like to thank the Club Staff for their input in making the afternoon a huge success – the catering staff – food and service was excellent, the function staff who did a great job in decorating and setting up the room and of course the bar staff, who looked after us very well.  We had over 40 members who attended and 6 of those members won a lucky door prize.

The Snooker Competition is proceeding well and just a reminder to those who still haven’t played their first round, if they could do so as soon as possible so we can keep the competition moving.

Helen Hickey