A message from the club President.

Draft Strategic Plan. You can read the message and download a copy of the plan here.

President’s Message – 2019- 2024 Draft Strategic Plan.

In recent months the Board has been workshopping and preparing a Draft 5 Year Plan for our Club. The draft Plan has been developed to both ensure the ongoing viability and sustainability of the Club whilst considering the interests and need of its members.

Much work has been undertaken in developing the draft Plan including:

1. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis.
2. A scan of the local environment considering our competition, member demographics, the economy, social media and trends in NSW Clubs.
3. Reviewing potential capital work that can be undertaken, subject to further analysis and availability of funding.
4. Workshopping with representatives of the Ladies and Men’s Bowls Committees the sustainability of Bowls into the future.
5. Developing eight key Result Areas (KRA’s) with strategic objectives and strategies for each KRA.

The draft Plan is attached for your information and feedback.

You can provide feedback by email to Admin@valentinebc.com.au or in writing to the CEO. This will ensure all feedback is considered by the Board.

All feedback should be received by 27 March 2019.

I commend the draft Plan to you and encourage your feedback.
Ted Elks


You can download a copy of the Draft Strategic Plan here (.pdf 261kB)